all orders come with a full set of 2 islands

Pong Islands is an innovative new beer pong system that takes beautiful minimalistic design elements and throws them headfirst into the wild and raucous sport that we all enjoy. Pong Islands is designed to be enjoyed wherever and whenever the mood strikes. Take the party with you - camping, tailgating, concerts, and more! Your friends will thank you.

Pong Islands is not your average beer pong...

Your party should be packed with people, not tables. Pong Islands takes up only 10% the space of a typical beer pong table, which is a serious space saver. So feel free to invite the nerds, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the hippies, and the hipsters for some healthy co-ed competition.

At $59 for a set, Pong Islands promises never to break the bank in the name of fun. Compare this to just about any other table out there and you'll see prices starting at over $100. Beer pong and good design should be accessible to anyone.

Pong Islands is the brainchild of a college design project at a leading engineering school and is designed specifically for ultra-portability. Break it down and shake it up at tailgates, camping, and other tight spots. Only 7 lbs. for the set.

The Pong Islands rack support system holds the cups perfectly in place without obstructing your view. The rack support system also prevents spills and minimizes the headache of clean-up the next day. Just rinse and repeat!

Standing alongside the standard graphic set is our “naked” option. This includes everything in a standard set, but the base triangle is a matte white finish. A blank canvas for you to unleash whatever creativity you can wring out.